Who am I?


I am someone who was dragged to my first Pilates class by my mother. I wasn’t that interested. But I was shocked when I left with shaky legs and a sweaty glow. Around this time I had just started my Massage therapy training. It was so interesting to be learning about the human body, it’s anatomy and be able to see how it worked and correlated with Pilates. 

Pilates then spiralled my love for fitness and my own body. I have since been a massage therapist for over 5 years but was finding something was missing. I wanted to show people how it was them that had the power to help themselves and their bodies they just need the tools to do so. I discovered Pilates was that tool they needed. I signed up for an 850 hour Pilates program. I am currently still working on the advanced levels but am certified in levels 1-3. Which I am so excited to share with you and bring to Fairview. 

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